Friday, October 13, 2006


Environmentalist climate-porn

At the very least i find assertions by scientists that the earth is so fragile that we could trigger a "tipping point" at some nearby point of climate gas/temperature somewhat ridiculous. If the Earth is so fragile, then we were doomed from the start.

I still enjoyed it though.

Friday, October 06, 2006


If you aren't crying, you aren't paying attention.

this is a video clip from the that columbia university brouhaha. it's funny that as much as folks call the Bush administration "fascist" or somesuch it always seems to be the left that shouts people down and assaults them.

What a bunch of anti-intellectual crybabies they have over at columbia.

I think most of this crap stems from the notion on college campuses that depth of emotional feeling on an issue is in any way positively correlated with depth of understanding of that issue (i think the relationship is inverse, clearly). For some dumb reason, some people seem to think that being/getting outraged by politics is a positive character trait and indicative of thoughtfulness.

Powerline has the clip:

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